The downside of making a to-do list is that it can end up being overwhelmingly long leading to feelings of stress. To avoid this unnecessary stress, optimize your initial list and cut down on unimportant tasks. It is important to remember to strike a fine balance between both. Consequently, while planning you need to actively plan for both your personal and professional goals to not end up unsatisfied in either domain of your life. Time management solutions are a helpful antidote to days filled with increasingly blurred deadlines, incessant noise, and excessive disruptions.

How do you decide when you’ll get it done, given all the competition from other items on your to-do list? This is where you can use the Eisenhower Matrix to help you figure it out. You decide which quadrant your tasks fall into based on both the urgency and the importance of your task. That then dictates where, when, and how long you should focus on that task.

Day In the Life Of (DILO)

As the project manager’s primary role is to tell other people what to do next, they must also apply a similar lens to their regular lives. Additionally, an Eisenhower Matrix specifies what demands eisenhower time management matrix their attention and what others must feel. Use the chart below to help determine which flare-ups could be delegated or ignored, and which ones actually deserve your precious attention.

Such tasks are time-bound, but considering they are not relevant to you — you may delegate them to others. For example, asking a coworker to create a PowerPoint presentation or to take notes for you during a meeting because you have some emergency work. They are time-sensitive and sometimes stressful, as they need our immediate attention. When you are able to categorize your tasks like this, it becomes much easier for you to schedule and complete them. You can make multiple matrices, but limiting your task list to necessary action items will ensure you’re beginning the prioritization process with no time to waste.

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The Eisenhower Matrix helps you overcome your apparent lack of time by urging you to PRIORITIZE. Time management is not an activity you engage in at your leisure, rather it is a core skill that dictates whether you will manage your time or vice versa. Once you learn to distinguish what’s important, you will have a much easier time being productive and effective. You may have heard of the Eisenhower matrix by some of its other names. Stephen Covey has mentioned the framework, in his book “The 7 habits of highly effective people”, as The Time Management Matrix. The matrix is also known as The Eisenhower Method and The Urgent-Important Matrix.

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